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Dental Implants: Getting to the Root of Things | Dentist Summerlin Las Vegas

April 5, 2021


If you are self-conscious because you have missing teeth, wear dentures that are uncomfortable, or don’t want to have good tooth structure removed to make a bridge, ask Dr. Trobough if dental implants are an option for you.

With regular dental care and some luck, you may never be a candidate for a dental implant, but knowing about them ahead of time will help inform your decision should the need ever arise. So, what are implants, how do they work, and who needs them?

Dental implants are the most effective way to replace missing teeth. They are designed to blend in with your other teeth and an excellent long-term option for restoring your smile and function. In fact, the development and use of implants is one of the biggest advances in dentistry in the past 40 years. Dental implants are made up of titanium and other materials that are compatible with the human body. The implant is surgically placed into the upper or lower jaws, where it functions as a sturdy anchor for a crown to replace missing teeth.

Implants can also help stop periodontal disease from forming by eliminating gaps in the mouth where disease and infection are likely to occur. They prevent the shifting of teeth, which can cause long-term damage.

Please note that patients with chronic illnesses, such as diabetes or leukemia, may not be good candidates for implants. The use of tobacco can also slow healing.

If you are interested in dental implants, or want to learn more, please let us know! We’re happy to schedule a consultation to discuss your questions and needs further. Call 702.888.1266
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